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Be Careful About Your Heart Rate


Monitor Your Target Heart Rate To Get The Best Workout

The intensity of your workout can be monitored through your target heart rate. Most make their heart rate an important part of their lifetime fitness programs. Your exercise intensity can let you know you are working within the proper heart rate training area so that you get the maximum benefits out of each exercise in your workout.

When you exercise too hard, you run the risk of injury and even become unable to complete your exercises. On the other hand, if you fail to reach your target heart pace, you can become discouraged when your workouts don’t seem to produce any results.

Target Heart Rate

When determining the target rate for your heart, you should see your physician or a personal trainer to advise you on what rate will produce maximum fat loss and the kind of exercises or exercise equipment you need to use to get there.

You can monitor your heart rate simply by taking your pulse. Gently put your index and middle fingers just under your ear on your neck and move them down until they are immediately under your jawbone. Next, begin counting at zero and count for 10 seconds before multiplying your total by six. It is important to frequently check your pulse while exercising to maintain your heart’s target rate.

Risky Symptoms

Along with checking your heart rate, you should be able to comfortably carry on a conversation while you exercise. If you find you become out of breath while trying to talk, you need to slow down as you could be heading towards a burn out. Along the same lines, feeling lightheaded or dizzy means that you are working too hard and should stop.

Being aware of your desired heart rate during exercise can make the difference when you want to have an effective workout with maximum fat loss. Muscle toning and body sculpting can become apparent in no time when you follow your heart rate guidelines. As always, consult your doctor before you exercise for questions, concerns and advice.

An Enlarged Heart Is The Sign Of An Overworked Heart

An enlarged heart is an abnormal enlargement of the heart usually due to working the muscle excessively hard. A lifetime fitness program that strictly adheres to maintaining your target heart rate can be helpful in preventing overworking the heart. A heart that becomes enlarged can become a serious health risk for disease, failure and attacks in both mens health and womens health.

When a heart becomes enlarged, it can be due to an existing condition like a heart defect or intense exercise. This can change the heart’s pumping action and the heart will work harder to compensate for the increased demands. Eventually, the increased work level can cause the heart to enlarge and become extended to its limit much like an elastic band. In children, this condition of the heart can result in sudden cardiac death.

The enlargement of the heart will be due to either substantial heart disease or connected with exercise or other strenuous activity. Any prolonged condition or activity that makes a person’s heart work harder can result in it becoming enlarged including high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, obesity, thyroid disease and many, many more. Unfortunately, there have been a small number of cases where patients seem to have no cause for the enlargement of their heart.

As with any lifestyle, regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential to preventing health problems. If you have concerns regarding your heart, heart disease or a family history or heart-related problems, it is important you consult your doctor as soon as possible.