Essential Nutrients

Essential Nutrients List

Does optimal health really depend on essential nutrients?

It has been said that the U.S. is the most overfed and undernourished country in the world. Just taking that statement on faith would indicate that there is very little correlation between eating and nourishment.

Nourishment comes from nutrition, nutrition comes from food and it appears that not all foods are created equal.

What’s going on here? Is something wrong with our food?

Actually optimal health requires quite a list of ingredients. Now let’s be clear that “optimal” doesn’t mean “perfect”. In today’s world there is no such thing as perfect health. “Optimal” refers to the most desirable and achievable outcome possible.

Our bodies can produce many of the nutrients it needs from building blocks it gets from food but there are also many that we can’t produce. We must get them from the food we consume and these are known as essential nutrients.

What we need for optimal health starts out with our “old friends” vitamins and minerals, collectively known as micro nutrients.

The entire list of essential nutrients:

Have you ever heard of “bio-active sugars”? Trust me, you will and a whole new world of glyconutrients will open up.

Yes, water was added to the list; after all, our bodies can’t make water so it would seem to be essential too. Well, not really; water and oxygen are essential to life but they aren’t usually considered nutrients in the sense of food.

Vital Nutrients

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By the way, if the volume of material on these vital nutrients in the linked pages becomes a bit much to read, much less absorb and remember, a much easier solution is to navigate to the section on the Food Pyramids. Just select your food and eat according to the proportions shown in the glycemic pyramid.

It is a revised food pyramid based on the glycemic index and pretty much turns the former USDA pyramids upside down. In that section we will be giving Dr. Steve Nugent the credit for his research in combining the glycemic properties of food with “genetics in metabolism” to produce the first diet that really works.

You can’t go wrong because all the essential nutrients and all you need for healthy eating is here.