Egg Benefits


There have been some doubts and confusion around this food which most people enjoy eating as its own for breakfast or use as an ingredient for preparing other foods. People have been starting to fear from the high cholesterol level in eggs. Recent studies though have shown that the impact of eating eggs on the body’s cholesterol is not as bad as everyone thought. As any animal source food egg should not be consumed too much but for example an egg a day is not going to harm you if you are a healthy individual.

More about this for centuries used product has been discovered in the past years. It comes apparent that the benefits of eating eggs leave all that fuss about cholesterol in the shadow. One can’t be forgotten though – the way you prepare eggs – fry, boil, pouch etc. is up to you and might increase the bad effects of the whole meal together.

Try to avoid frying eggs in fat or use smallest amount possible fat which is exposed to heat becomes rather bad for your health. Fried egg itself though might reduce blood pressure.

Egg Helps Prevent Ageing?

Macular degeneration with age (ADM) is something we all have a risk to experience when we get older. Egg has been proven to be a good preventer of ADM which is a major cause of blindness. A regular intake of eggs ( 1 egg a day) provides you with lutein and zeaxanthin. These are carotenoids responsible for the yellow pigment in eye’s retina which protects eyes against blue light which causes ADM.

The presence of riboflavin (B2) in the egg might enhance also the blood production for women as it increases the level of haemoglobin. B2 is also an antioxidant and is known to boost energy therefore is commonly used for production of sports drinks.

Research About Egg Benefits

Researchers suggest that choline which we find in eggs, protects against brain damage. Memory loss and Alzheimer’s can be prevented with a sufficient intake of choline when aging. B12 found in eggs and other animal origin foods also contribute to healthy brain. If you can’t eat dairy and meat – egg might do the job.

Health Benefits of Eggs

Egg as such is a great tool for prevention of diseases related to overweight. Eating an egg which is very rich source of protein also makes you feel full for longer (has a low GI) like almonds. Therefore the temptation of snacking between meals becomes more avoidable. Dealing with obesity also becomes more easy as eggs even high in fat satisfies for longer than a high carb breakfast and don’t cut out the calories immediately thus the weight loss becomes more controlled.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a growing problem and is linked to many diseases especially in children. Egg is probably only other source of this vitamin apart from the sun. Vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of eczema and several allergies (including egg allergy).

Benefits of eating egg:

– Prevent eczema
– Prevent development of allergies
– Prevent weight gain and contribute to weight loss
– Enhance the activity of brain
– Contribute to blood production
– Boost energy
– Prevent ADM
– Reduce Blood Pressure
– Antioxidant properties
– The best source of animal origin protein