Is the coronavirus cure already found? Several patients have already been treated!


Coronavirus Treatment Found

It is recently revealed that a cure for the coronavirus has already been found. Indeed, several patients do not carry a viable coronavirus after taking the cure.

Where in the autumn there was mainly bad news from Australia due to the large forest fires, it is mainly from Australia that good news comes these days.

Australian researchers found a coronavirus vaccine, but had to test it on humans first, and we estimate that it would not be ready until the end of this year.

Now, however, other good news is coming from Australian, as the biggest Australian news media says there is already potentially a cure on the way. 

The Australian media writes that the first patients who have been tested positive for coronavirus have already been treated with the new cure and it has worked really well.

The researchers say that patients no longer have a viable coronavirus in their system after they started the new coronavirus cure.

“It’s a potentially effective treatment,” Professor David Patterson told the Australian media before continuing: “Patients have no viable coronavirus in their system after the end of treatment.”

Clinical trial during March

The next step for the researchers is to expand their medication into a larger clinical trial. They hope they can do this in March.

The cure basically consists of drugs that are already on the market. According to the researcher, it is combination of an anti-HIV medication and a malaria drug.

“We will conduct a clinical trial across Australia in 50 hospitals, and here we will compare one drug to another drug and at the end we will reach a perfect combination of two drugs,” the professor said.

Here at the editorial board, we are watching closely, and we are crossing our fingers that the clinical trial will be successful, so that we can quickly get a coronavirus cure out to the rest of the world.