Coronavirus Antibody Found


Researchers have found antibody to prevent corona infection

The Dutch media says that a group of Dutch researchers have achieved positive results against coronavirus. They have discovered an antibody that prevents infection.

Ten researchers from the University of Utrecht claim that they have found an antibody likely to be used against coronavirus. The researchers are not yet ready with tests for humans, but are ready to have their results evaluated by the leading scientific journal Nature. 

“The antibody prevents the virus from infecting and can also help detect the virus” says cell biology professor Frank Grosveld. Grosveld is one of the researchers behind the discovery of the antibody.

The results were already published on a website for biologists on Thursday. On the website, discoveries can be shared and discussed with other colleagues. The published summary is about an antibody to SARS2, the coronavirus, which is the cause of the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

The antibody was originally developed against MERS and SARS. The researchers tested the Covid-19 antibody against SARS2. It yielded with positive results. The experiments show that the antibody can detect and prevent coronary infections from SARS2. According to the researchers, the antibody can develop a diagnostic test that everyone can take at home, as well as a treatment and possibly a vaccine. 

As tests have not yet been conducted on humans, researchers are looking for a credible partner so that testing on humans can begin and the development of new commercial drugs and vaccines can begin. The researchers behind the new discoveries believe that it can take up to two years to get a finished vaccine developed, but if their current tests can be passed directly to humans, it can go much faster.