Nutrition Basics

Empty Calories

Empty calories are those found in high-calorie-foods that are poor in nutritional value. Although these foods provide energy to the body, they contain little or no nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that are necessary to keep the body strong and healthy. Empty calories are generally divided into 3 categories; Sugar Solid… Read More

Enzymes Definition and Functions What is enzyme and its function? Enzymes are proteins required by almost every process in our bodies and they seem to be pretty important to life. One source says there are 55,000 of these specialized proteins in our body; another says 75,000. It seems to depend on whom we ask but who's counting and… Read More

Commercial Probiotic Products: Danone made it first

For now, the Paris food company Group DANONE has taken the lead in turning probiotics into big bucks. Activia, their latest big thing, has a bacteria called bifidus animalus as its key ingredient. It is able to pass through the stomach without getting zapped by the hydrochloric acid bath. Then it moves into the intestine… Read More

Health Benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics; Intestinal Flora is Vital to Life. In a word, probiotics are bacteria. For our purposes we are talking about the bacteria that live in our intestines and impart many known healthful benefits to us. In actuality we know very little about these squatters in our guts but new findings are coming fast and furious.… Read More