Sugar Substitutes

Spend some time and find a natural sugar substitutes for use in your daily diet. Since artificial sweeteners aren't good for us and refined sugars can be hard on our pancreas and lead to insulin resistance and high fructose corn syrup is implicated in a number of health issues, what can we do? Are there… Read More

High Fructose Corn Syrup: HFCS

HFCS permeates our food supply; we couldn't avoid it if we tried. It appears in almost all processed foods, all kinds of soft drinks, almost all commercial baked goods, salad dressings, soups, yogurt and many, many more. This is important to know since high fructose corn syrup really does some bad things to our health… Read More

Artificial Sweeteners

Also Known as Artificial Sugar Artificial sweeteners keep us slim and trim; they're good for us; they don't cause insulin spikes. Wrong on all counts…wrong, wrong, wrong. Addicted to diet sodas? Ever wonder how much aspartame or saccharine or sucrolose ends up in your blood stream? Yes, they are sweet but artificial sweeteners aren't sugars… Read More

Natural Sugar

Natural sugars are unknown for most of the general population. When sugar comes to mind, table sugar, or sucrose, is what normal people think of. The refined sugar should be avoided entirely but it's still better than artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. In actuality, there are hundreds of sugars that occur naturally in… Read More

Scientific Definition of Carbohydrates

A definition of carbohydrates involves a little basic chemistry. As we will see, there's more to sugar than meets the eye. If we thought the genome was complex, wait till we meet the sugar family, or glycome. The genome is child's play compared to the glycome. "Glycome" is a word coined to refer to the… Read More

Cutting Carbohydrates and Sugars?

Carbohydrates get no respect. Somehow the idea got spread around that carbs make us fat so the low-carb or no carb diets became the rage; sort of like the low-fat or no-fat diets. That's about the time that the obesity epidemic started in the U.S. Can we do without these nutrients? Yes, for a short… Read More

How to Avoid GMO Foods

How can we avoid GMO Foods? Step one is to be able to spot genetically modified food. Don't rely on labeling since the FDA is still operating under a 1992 policy directive. The directive "does not establish special labeling requirements for bioengineered foods (genetically modified food) as a class of foods. The policy states that… Read More

Green Harvest

That's Not Eco-friendly Harvest Green If one is inquisitive enough, one might wonder how those nice looking fruits and vegetables were able to travel 2500 miles or 5000 miles or more and still look as red or purple or orange or yellow as the day they were picked. Well in almost all cases they weren't… Read More

Soil Depletion

Soil depletion of our country's farmland, meaning the loss of basic nutrients found in rich, black healthy soil, occurs for one reason…overuse. As the population of a country increases, the demand for food increases. There are two ways to meet that demand. The first is to convert more land to growing crops; the other is… Read More

Processed Foods

Processed Foods; Healthy or DANGEROUS? "Why is it best to eat fruit and vegetables raw?" Right! Nothing destroys the nutritional content of food better or faster than processing. The Benefits of Food Processing There are substantial benefits of food processing including the removal of harmful toxins, preservation for longer shelf life, taking some of the… Read More

Is Raw Juice Better than Bottled Juice?

This is a very important one to get out of the way. When I say ‘Raw’ Juice, I don’t mean juice that’s straight from a bottle. I mean juice that has been freshly made. What is the difference? It all comes from the same thing right? Well it does come from the same fruit, but… Read More

Top 3 Juice Diet Questions

The top 3 juice diet questions are… What is the healthiest fruit / vegetable? What is the best tasting fruit / vegetable? How much juice should I drink? If you’re just starting your Juicing experience know that dark green veggies provide some of the best nutrients. However, also know that you may want to start… Read More