Healthy Foods

Artificial Sweeteners

Also Known as Artificial Sugar Artificial sweeteners keep us slim and trim; they're good for us; they don't cause insulin spikes. Wrong on all counts…wrong, wrong, wrong. Addicted to diet sodas? Ever wonder how much aspartame or saccharine or sucrolose ends up in your blood stream? Yes, they are sweet but artificial sweeteners aren't sugars… Read More

How to Avoid GMO Foods

How can we avoid GMO Foods? Step one is to be able to spot genetically modified food. Don't rely on labeling since the FDA is still operating under a 1992 policy directive. The directive "does not establish special labeling requirements for bioengineered foods (genetically modified food) as a class of foods. The policy states that… Read More

Green Harvest

That's Not Eco-friendly Harvest Green If one is inquisitive enough, one might wonder how those nice looking fruits and vegetables were able to travel 2500 miles or 5000 miles or more and still look as red or purple or orange or yellow as the day they were picked. Well in almost all cases they weren't… Read More

Processed Foods

Processed Foods; Healthy or DANGEROUS? "Why is it best to eat fruit and vegetables raw?" Right! Nothing destroys the nutritional content of food better or faster than processing. The Benefits of Food Processing There are substantial benefits of food processing including the removal of harmful toxins, preservation for longer shelf life, taking some of the… Read More

Genetically Modified Food (GM food)

Genetically Modified Food; GM food is more commonplace in our food chain than we realize. There are a lot of people, scientists and farmers running around in confusion. In fact genetic engineering is becoming the norm in the world of animal factory farming and big industrial crop production. If it is a good thing, then… Read More

Dietary Fiber Definition, Benefits, Importance

Fiber comes from plants and includes such things as cellulose, pectin and gums. They are the indigestible part of plant foods that move through the digestive system, absorbing water and easing the passage of waste products. Soluble or Non-Soluble Dietary Fiber? Most dietary fiber is classified as to whether it is water soluble or not… Read More

What are the top 10 Superfoods?

What is Superfood? "Superfood" isn't a scientific or nutritionist's word, it is one of those invented words that marketers and people that write blogs and magazine articles like to use. The generally accepted meaning of the term is a food that has benefits beyond mere nutrition; it has healing properties. In dietary supplements, the term… Read More

What Happens If We Don't Get All Our Nutrients?

That is the million dollar question. If more people had even a rudimentary understanding of how food is used by the body, our national health crisis would shrink dramatically. Two quotes come to mind: "Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness"… Edward… Read More

How much should we eat to get optimal nutritional value?

There is a big gap between todays nuritional values of products and the ones in the past The short answer is that, if we get our products from the typical supermarkets, there is no way we can eat enough nutrients we need. There was a conference several years ago where that same question was addressed… Read More

Nutrition for Optimal Health

What is Nutrition? Nutrition is the essential ingredients that our body needs to function. If it doesn't get even one of those essentials, problems will develop. If what we swallow is not part of the solution, it is part of the problem. Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids and sugars (carbohydrates) are the… Read More

Healthy Eating Tips

Eat Healthy Healthy eating is the key of overall health and fit body. Healthy eating is to get adequate and balanced amounts of all nutrients according to your age, sex and physiological condition. So; healthy eating means getting  adequate and balanced nutrition. Obeying healthy diet rules, protects us from many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and kidney diseases. Consume… Read More

Dragon Fruit Benefits

Dragon Fruit Other names: Pitaya, Pitahaya, Dragon fruit, strawberry pear Homeland: South America and Asia It has two types as white and red. This distinction is made according to the color of inner part of the fruit, not its outer part. When the fruit is cut, sometimes it has white color and sometimes it has red color.… Read More