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Tips on head lice treatment

When it comes to head lice treatment, you may choose three options i.e. Home remediesOver-the-counter-drugsCommercial drugs The truth of the matter is that any of the above can be used exclusively deal with lice problems. Since we are talking about treatment rather than prevention, we are going to confine ourselves to the treatment part. These tips… Read More

Lice Home Remedies That Work

Lice infestation is a common problem in most people’s homes. This little, blood sucking parasites reside in the shafts of the hair as well as the scalp. Children are the most vulnerable to lice infestation, though adults also suffer from attack by lice. In the event you are attacked by lice, there are lice home remedies which… Read More

Leading home remedies for head lice

Head lice are both painful and stressful to handle when they invade your household. Pesticides may not always be effective, not mentioning that they may be expensive. Thankfully, there are home remedies for head lice which are not only effective but affordable and convenient to use. Understanding the headlice Before prescribing the home remedies for head lice, it… Read More

Top Home Remedies for Lice

Lice infestation is one of the most difficult moments for a person. It is particularly so if it is the children grappling with hair full of lice and nits. These small parasites are known to cause itchiness, discomfort and sometimes infections. People try different ways to deal with lice infestation, such as pesticides. However are home… Read More

How to prepare home made antiviral tea (sick tea)

Sick Tea (anti viral tea) Flu season can lead to days or even weeks of misery that cannot be relieved by antibiotics. There are ways to treat viral infections from home that can help to alleviate the discomfort, or even prevent them from getting a foothold all together. Sick tea, or anti viral tea is… Read More

Home remedies for ear infection

Earaches can become so painful that they are debilitating. At a minimum they are uncomfortable. While it is best to see a physician for diagnosis and treatment of ear infections, it isn't always possible. For those of you who are looking for an effective ear infection treatment that you can be done in your own… Read More