Healthy Lifestyle Tips

How to eat at christmas

Christmas is a party season where we often abandon our healthy eating habits and we end up gaining weight. There are so many festivities even before Christmas and they continue way after Christmas. Most often we have some day off work. During this festive season we should take lighter meals since we are not working… Read More

3 Natural Fat Burners That Will Burn Your Fat And Boost Your Metabolism

A large portion of the world population today is  trying to burn fat. Some of them are doing that because they are overweight and they want to lose their weight through fat burning and others just want to improve their body by getting to the right or in some cases the perfect amount of fat… Read More

Winter Diet

Ever wondered why you put on weight in winter? Wonder no more. It’s not the weather they gets you fatter, it’s our reaction to how the weather makes us feel. Simply put, you don’t do enough physical activities, and the cold weather and shorter days only makes it harder to find the motivation to exercise.… Read More

Effects of sugar on children

Negative Effects of Sugar for Children Here you may well learn about how sugar or sugary foods may affect your beloved ones health and how to avoid excessive intake of sugar through some innocent foods and juices. Although parents may pamper a child's "sweet tooth" because they think it's harmless, excess sugar intake have a negative… Read More