Facial Toning Exercises

Facial Toning Exercises Are Considered To Be An Alternative To A Face Lift Facial toning exercises and tools to assist in facial toning have become quite common and readily available on TV and in stores. While a lifetime fitness program including regular exercise and a healthy diet can keep you feeling young, there isn't a… Read More

Homemade Pore Strips Mask!

Have you tried the Pore Strips Mask or pore cleansing strips? You know, the ones that are almost $15 for a few strips. They work very well but the way they are cut only allows you to place them in a few select places. Here is a tried and tested recipe to make your own homemade… Read More

Homemade Beeswax Balm

Homemade unrefined beeswax balm is nourishing and soothing to the lips. Plus, it contains a trace amount of some minerals and vitamins. Beeswax smooths the texture of the lips and prevents the balm from losing moisture. It is excellent for dry and chapped lips and will keep lips hydrated. Homemade balms consist of a combination… Read More

Coconut Oil for Hair Mask

Coconut Oil for Hair Everyone can have beautiful hair if they use coconut oil. This natural oil can help to condition the hair and scalp so the hair is healthier and growth is increased. Instead of using hair care products that are made from chemicals, natural beauty experts agree using coconut oil for hair is… Read More