Butter Benefits


In 60′s USA margarine became the new Butter. Margarine was developed as a less fatty alternative in order to decrease the growing heart problems in citizens. As we all know margarine didn’t stop to become probably the most affected by heart illnesses nation in the World. Even though the use of low fat margarines has increased there have been also more discoveries on the benefits of eating butter.

Butter Benefits for health

Butter contains high amounts of saturated fat as it comes from cows. The same kind of fats are also found in meats and other dairy products.

The synthesised version of butter-margarine contains many more of the trans-fats and artificial additives. The satisfaction of using margarine is also not great and might rather increase the replacement of other fatty foods in the diet. It has been seen with many products that raw foods have more benefits.

Therefore best choice for butter is unpastorized, organic and local product. Officially the use of raw butter is not yet  totally approved as people are worried about bacteria. Researches which were carried out in Rural areas in Germany and Swiss areas  showed very clearly the possible health benefits of raw butter.

Health Benefits of Butter

Butter is beneficial for boosting fat-soluble vitamin A,D,E and K bioavailabilty. It contains itself vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones as it increases absorption of Calcium. All of these are essential for different metabolic processes in the body related to growth. Butter contains also Selenium which has given promises in some studies to reduce the growth of cancer but these claims still are not completely reliable.

Butter is rich in cholesterol and it has come quite clear that it is not as bad for health as people have thought as high cholesterol related illnesses are due to overconsumption of also simple carbohydrates. In small amounts dietary cholesterol is not dangerous and will rather contribute to children’s brain development.

Arachidonic acid(ARA) has also been found in the butter. There are corrolations between higher intake of ARA and improved insulin sensitivity. It is also linked to healthy kidneys, liver and immunity. ARA is an polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid which is one of the “good” fats we need for essential functioning of our body.

Butter as it comes from cows are a good source of Iodine. It originates from the sea and exists in the soils nearby. Cows which feed from grass grown in this soil absorb it in their body thus in the milk. Therefore Iodine deficiency is likely to occur in highland areas.

For most of us in the modern world this is not a problem as we consume products which are grown near the sea including the butter. Reducing diary intake also decrease Iodine intake which is an essential micronutrient. Iodine has a mayor role in hormonal regulation of thyroid thus very important for pregnant and lactating women. Iodine also contributes to normal functioning of most glands thus the systems they support- digestion,immunity etc.

Benefits of eating butter:

  • Enhance childhoods development
  • Increased bio availability of vitamins A,D,E,K
  • Might prevent cancer
  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Enhance bone health and prevent osteoporosis
  • Might prevent diabetes
  • Enhance metabolism
  • Source of energy
  • Improve gland function
  • Prevent capillary clotting
  • Enhance the skin’s health