Bowel Parasites


Bowel parasites are a nasty reality for over 90% of the population. That’s right, 90%! If you don’t think you have worms and parasites in your colon think again.

While worms aren’t parasites yet they’re just as dangerous to your health and well-being. A full intestinal cleanse can eliminate these pesky organisms from your bowel. Yet it’s wise to improve the overall state of your colon health by increasing quality fiber into your daily diet.

Bernhard Jensen, Ph.D., a world renowned health author, states:

“In the 50 years I’ve spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems. In treating over 300,000 patients, it is the bowel that invariably has to be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.”

Intestinal Parasites in Toxic Bowels

Hey, I didn’t say this article was going to be pleasant…I agree, it’s hard to even read the words and see these photos without grimacing, isn’t it? Yet it’s worse than this because it’s real and inside you now.

Parasites are listed by the World Health Organization among the 6th most harmful infectious diseases in the world today. According to the book Parasitology, A Global Perspective, of the 300 million children under 5 years old who die each year, half of these deaths are due to parasitic diseases coupled with malnutrition.

“90% of the population has worms.”

–Dr.Donald W. Kelley

To rid yourself of bowel parasites and intestinal worms and return your intestinal tract to a clean, healthy state, will change your health and well-being in ways you might only imagine at this point. Take the time to explore these very effective methods for ridding yourself of bowel parasites. Your health and longevity are at stake. Click Here for some excellent cleanses.