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Women should sleep longer than men

A new study shows that it is best for the men to get up early, while the woman should sleep a little bit longer in the morning. 

The study is published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, and shows that women who sleep longer in the morning reduce the risk of getting diabetes. In addition, the study shows that men who sleep longer in the morning may experience the opposite effect and increases the risk of getting the disease.

The study, which examined 800 people, found a correlation between the amount of sleep, gender and insulin levels in the body.

It is important to sleep enough

However, some experts are not entirely convinced that sleeping longer in the morning has significant health benefits.

Sleeping is important for health and several studies indicate that insufficient sleeping is linked to, among other things, increased weight and diabetes.

So is it wise to sleep longer in the morning?

It is wise to get enough sleep by waking up late in the morning but it can also be achieved by going to bed earlier in the evening. I think it’s about getting enough sleep, and not necessarily about sleeping long in the morning.

sleeping woman

Women need for more sleep

Several studies indicate that the need for sleeping varies slightly between the men and the women – which may be one of the reasons why women in the study experienced better health if they slept longer in the morning.

The need for sleep is very individual, but the need for sleep increases with physical activity – something that is healthy. Increased need for sleep can also be due to various health problems.

How to fall asleep early at night

Are you one of those people who struggles hard to fall asleep at night and therefore needs to sleep all morning?

Difficulty in falling asleep could be solved by a stable circadian rhythm, light and activity early in the day, calm and more dim lighting towards evening, and a dark and inviting bedroom, which you look forward to entering when you start to get tired.

It can be healthier if you take it easy for a few minutes after you wake up – and then gradually increase the pulse, so you avoid a panicky start to the day.

Some time for the changeover is probably not so stupid, but lying down late in the morning is not healthy, because you are dependent on having a circadian rhythm, which is adapted to a permanent job and the children’s everyday life at school etc.