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Puberty for Boys: 20 Surprising facts about the boy’s body

Puberty for boys; what happens to boys' body

There is a lot going on with the boys at puberty, and these are the facts that you did not know about the boys’ body.

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20 Facts about Puberty for Boys

1.  Both girls and boys produce sex hormones at puberty, which causes the bodies to develop into female and male bodies. The brain starts the boy’s puberty by sending a signal to the testicles to start producing more male sex hormone, testosterone, and this causes the testicles and penis to grow, and the boys start to beard.

2. The  penis head is one of the most sensitive areas of the boy’s body. When a boy’s penis becomes stiff, the foreskin slides back and the penis head is filled with blood. Therefore, it may look a little bluish, violet or red when a boy has a stiff penis.

3.  Guy’s skin is about 25 percent thicker than girls’ because testosterone increases the production of collagen, which strengthens the skin. As the skin is thicker, it also ages more slowly than girls.

4.  Boys’ orgasms last less time than girls. The boys last an average of six seconds, while the girl’s orgasms last an average of 23 seconds.

5.  Just as girls ‘right and left breast do not always sit quite the same, guys’ testicles are also quite different. For example, it is quite normal for one testicle to sit higher than the other.

6.  Boys are on average 12-15 centimeters taller than girls when puberty ends, and they are an average of 180 centimeters high when they finish growing. So they grow quite a bit during puberty, and when boys are 14, they grow an average of nine to ten centimeters in a year.

7.  Boys’ noses are growing and they are on average ten percent bigger than girls at the end of puberty. Boys need to be able to breathe more air because their bodies need more oxygen.

8.  Guys not only grow in height when they reach puberty. Their penis grows, the chest and shoulders get wider, their hands and feet get bigger, and their face changes shape because their jaws get wider.

9.  Boy’s brains are eight to ten percent larger than girls ’. In contrast, girls’ brains develop faster than boys.

10.  Boys smell more of sweat than girls do because they have more of the substance androstenone in their sweat. But it’s actually pretty lucky, because girls are attracted to guys’ body odor

11.  A penis grows throughout puberty and is only really mature when puberty ends. The testicles are seven to ten times larger than at the start of puberty, when they are fully grown.

12.  Boys’ larynx grows at puberty, which is why boys get an Adam’s apple and their voices grow deeper. It states that their voices are transitioning.

13.  The boy’s testicles and their penis are the first thing to start growing as they reach puberty.

14.  Did you know that boys can also develop breasts during puberty? Most boys’ breasts disappear again, but it is actually over half of boys who, like girls, form more fatty tissue around the breasts during puberty.

15.  Studies show that boys masturbate more than girls. 80 percent of boys aged 16 regularly masturbate. Only about half the number of girls of the same age masturbate regularly.

16.  It can be quite difficult for guys to control their lower parts – especially at puberty. Their penis can alternate between being stiff and flaccid many times over a day. It can happen either at random or if something turns them on.

17.  Did you know that some guys have “wet dreams”? Namely, guys can get triggered while they sleep without being able to control it.

18.  Boys like girls get hair in the crotch and under the arms. But their hair on their legs and arms gets stronger and they start getting hair on their chest and stomach. They also begin to develop beard, which starts as small down on the upper lip.

19.  A boy’s penis and a girl’s clitoris actually start as one thing. Once a fetus has been formed in the mother’s stomach, the genitals of boys and girls look alike, but after a few months, the boy’s “clitoris” grows larger and becomes a penis, and the genitalia grow together and become his foreskin and scrotum.

20.  Did you know that urine and semen come out in the same place – through the boy’s urethra?