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Birth Control Pills : Everything you need to know

Birth Control Pills
Birth Control Pills

Should you choose a new birth control method? It can be a great challenge to look around at the different contraceptives available on the market. It is certainly not easy choose among them.

Therefore, we will try to make you wiser on daily taken birth control pills. When the package is empty, stop for seven days before starting on a new package. 

It sounds simple, but there are a number of things that are good to know when you would like to start taking birth control pills. Namely, like many other contraceptive methods, there are both advantages and side effects of birth control. 

How to use birth control pills in your period

The birth control pill contains the hormones estrogen and progestin that stop the ovulation thus making you unable to get pregnant. When you are on birth control pills, your menstruation is very regular. While using contraseption you will not get your period, but when the package is finished, it will (usually) come within the seven days you stop. 

Whether you have received your period or not, you should start the new pack after seven days to make sure you are fully protected from unwanted pregnancy. 

When to take birth contraseption?

When to take birth control pills?

The first time you need to take a pill is a little bit different than when you resume taking the birth control pill again after the seven day break. For the first time; you should take the pill on the first day of menstruation. If you do so, you will be fully protected immediately.

If you don’t get it on the first day, it typically means you need a condom for a week to be protected from unwanted pregnancy. Always read the prescription of the birth control pills before using. You will find everything you need to know about the contraseptive.


There are various birth control pills brands

There are different hormone compositions in pills, depending on whether they are first, second, third or fourth-generation birth control pills. Your doctor can help you determine which generation of contraseption is the best for you. 

You can also get boxes that contain both the 21 tablets and then seven pills that do not contain hormones. They may be good for whom thinking it’s a good to take a pill every day. 


The price can varies and depends largely on the brand of birth control pills. The price of pills varie from 20$ to 50$. The cheapest tablets are first generation pills, while the most expensive ones are typically the fourth generation pills.

There are three packages of birth control pills in one main package. You are secured for just over three months when you buy a pills package. 

What happens if you forget to take a birth control pill

Fortunately, there is no great danger in skipping once as long as you take an extra pill the day after. For example, if you take your birth control pill every night, you can take the forgotten pill within 12 hours and then the next one in scheduled time. In that case, you will still be protected from pregnancy.

If it is more than 12 hours from the time you should have taken your pill, you are not necessarily protected against pregnancy. In that case you should use a condom for seven days afterwards. You still need to take the forgotten pill, but take it with the next scheduled one (so you take two tablets at a time). 

You can stop your period

We all know that it’s summer, and the bikini times are approaching.

Sure, you can of course just use a tampon, but if you know in advance that you have a beach holiday on the calendar that coincides with just the week when you need to take a break from your contraseption, then you can choose to skip your menstruation over. 

You just start on the next pill pack the day after taking the last pill from the previous pack. 

Shortly; if you don’t stop taking pills you can skip your menstrual period.

Benefits of birth contraseption

The fact that you can skip your menstruation will probably seem to be a big benefit. But the main advantage must clearly be that contraseptive pills are a very safe form of birth control when taken properly.

In many cases, birth control pills can also reduce menstrual pain. They can be a really good alternative if you have a lot of pain associated with your period. At the same time, birth control pills sometimes cause less bleeding and less pain. 

What side effects are there

Birth control pills also have some side effects. For example, there is a big risk of blood clots. So it is important that you inform your doctor if there is any hereditary factors.

Some women also experience mood disorders and a decreased sex drive when on birth control pills. This is not abnormal and can sometimes come to life by changing the pill brand.

Other side effects can be in form of headaches, nausea and in some cases weight gain. There may also be a slightly increased risk of breast cancer.  Again, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have. 

contraption for Men

It is not always fair that we women should be the ones to make sure that a game of fun on the sheets does not end with a nine month (unwanted) pregnancy. Therefore, it is also good to hear that birth control pills for men may soon become a reality. 

However, when the men’s pill come to the market has not yet been determined. It still requires a little more research to get the side effects down to an acceptable level.