Bleeding Gums Causes


Bleeding gums are common problem that many people complained about. Many people ignore it but it is really important problem. This is because of the oral and dental health is also affecting other organs of the body. Gum health is also affecting the overall body health directly. So you need to show necessary care for gums too.

You may wonder how the healthy gums should really look like. Healthy gums are light pink, matte and tight. Swelling, redness and infection do not occur in healthy gums. Bleeding does not occur with brushing or using flossing with the healthy gums.

Why are my gums bleeding?

Gum and teeth problems are generally caused by inflammatory periodontal diseases which cause gum bleeding. They are responsible for the 70% of teeth losses. They can easily be treated if diagnosed in early stages. The severe of diseases increase by time if they aren’t treated properly.

Gingivitis: This is the initial stage of gum disease. Gums look red, bleeds and swell.  While brushing teeth; gums are bleeding and becoming more sensitive in this stage. If it is not treated well it will damage the jawbone and gums.

Periodontitis: It is the later stage of gum disease that damages bones and tissues that support teeth. Bacterial growth takes place between teeth and gum. It may cause teeth losses. Bleeding gums, pus discharge is observed. Teeth even begin to diverge because the bone structure that keep teeth together is affected.

How to stop bleeding gums?

If you do not brush your teeth regularly; bacterial plaque on teeth causes plaque inflammation in gums and leads bleeding.

If gum diseases are not treated in the phase of gingivitis formation then periodontitis occurs. You need to brush your teeth regularly and go dentist appointments regularly inorder to prevent gum diseases and gum bleeding.  Dentist appointments are really important but many people ignore it and skip routine appointments. Daily oral care keeps the formation of tartar minimum but this formation can not be completely prevented. Tartar cleaning should be done by a dentist to remove tartar. Dentist can make suggestions and offer you some proper products according to your dental situation.