Antiparasitic Drug Ivermectin Kills Coronavirus in 48 hours

Ivermectin for Coronavirus Treatment

It requires only a single dose of an antiparasitic drug, so all COVID-19 material is killed within 48 hours. It was revealed by a study from Australia.

In laboratory tests, it takes only 48 hours for the drug Ivermectin to kill COVID-19Ivermectin is not a new drug. On the contrary, it is widely available and could be used worldwide in a short time if laboratory tests can be transmitted to humans. 

It only takes a single dose to get rid of COVID-19 in a lab test. 

“We found that even a single dose can remove all viral RNA in 48 hours. Even after 24 hours, there is a really significant reduction in RNA,” Dr. Kylie Wagstaff of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute.

Although it is not yet fully known how Ivermectin works, it is currently being investigated how the drug can be used in humans. The next step is to find the right dosage so that the drug does not pose a health risk in a treatment.

“In these times when we are experiencing a global pandemic and there is no approved treatment, a pre-existing and approved drug can help people before a vaccine” said Dr. Wagstaff.

However, funding is needed for upcoming tests if successful treatment for COVID-19 is to be successful. 

Ivermectin is pre-approved as an antiparasitic drug. In laboratory tests, the drug is effective against e.g. HIV, dengue and influenza.

The study results have been published in the journal Antiviral Research.

Chloroquine is still promising 

It is not only Ivermectin that is currently showing promising results. Major clinical trials of chloroquine are currently being conducted in Marseilles, France. Here, chloroquine is mixed with an antibiotic drug, and so far it has even shown very promising results.

Several countries have already approved chloroquine for treatment. Including the USA, France and Belgium.