We’re constantly being bombarded with chemical toxins – in the air, in our water, in our food. In addition, we strip nutrients from our foods when we refine them, and then add toxins in order to generate long shelf lives. We lived better when we ate like our grandparents and great-grandparents did; they grew their own food and preserved it with nothing more than some salt, sugar and pectin.
Living Unrefined provides information on how to return to our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ healthy ways of eating, and of their ways of making the things they needed for cleansing skin, making deodorant without harmful aluminum, treatments for dry hair, and their own natural medicines.
The website provides recipes for salads, drinks, marinades, dips, and gluten-free muffins. Eating gluten-free is a hard transition to make, and good gluten-free recipes are scarcer than hens’ teeth. Most of us are aware we need to eat better, but are unwilling to give up the tastes and textures we’ve come to enjoy; the Living Unrefined website gives us a pathway to better health without giving up the things we love to eat.
Living Unrefined also provides nutrition tips and information. Most of us can barely read the food labels on the foods we buy, so any help on understanding nutrition is a real bonus. Food companies are required to put nutrition information on their products, but they’re under no obligation to help you understand it, so it pays to learn all you can about nutrition yourself, and Living Unrefined can help.
Many of us have become disillusioned about mainstream allopathic medicine, and its partner, Big Pharma. Learning about natural remedies made from pesticide-free herbs, spices and plants allows us to move away from over-the-counter medications and prescriptions. Living Unrefined gives us information about natural remedies and how to make them, allowing us to take control over our own health.
Living Unrefined is a gateway to better health through eating unrefined, organic foods and using products made without harmful ingredients. Visit them at Living Unrefined and start down the road to a better lifestyle.