Homemade Sourdough Rye Bread Recipe


A good homemade rye bread, baked with sourdough and stone ground flour is basically perfect choice for healthy eating.

However, we can’t say the same for rye bread baked too much  with white, refined flour. Therefore, it can be a great investment in your and your family’s health to bake a good bread with unrefined ingredients.

This recipe for homemade rye bread baked with ground flour gives two loaves, one of which may be frozen for afterwards.

Ingredients for 2 large loaves of home-made rye bread

1st day:

2 dl. Sourdough
1.5 l lukewarm water
4 teaspoon salt flakes
150g chopped kernels
150g whole flaxseed
500g stone ground rye flour
200g unsieved spelled flour
200 g sifted spelled flour
½ bottle of white beer

Should be stirred together in a big bowl and kept 12 hours under a moist towel

2nd Day:

½ l lukewarm water
200 g whole flaxseed
400g stone ground rye flour
500 g of 5-grain mixture


Stir it all together. Cut the dough into 2 large molds and let them rise for 2 hours under a damp cloth. Remember to leave the rest of the dough for the next time and place in the refrigerator. The loaves should be baked at 150 degrees for about 3 hours. When you take out the loaves  cover them with a damp cloth while cooling off, so the crust does not become too hard.