Cabbage Nutrition Benefits


Cabbage is super healthy.

Here is Why?

cabbage is super healthy

Cabbage is super healthy, primarily because the cabbage is rich in fiber and loaded with vitamins, flavonoids and other plant nutrients. Many types of cabbage can help the body to detoxify and prevent disease. Unfortunately, many of us have a strained relationship with cabbage. Possibly we remember from our childhoods; mother’s or grandmother’s overcooked cabbages. Cabbage deserves also more interest  because cabbage can be cooked easy, and that it is delicious and tasty. The more cabbage is on the dinner table, the more cheer digestion, the faster we will saturate and the healthier we become. Fibres from cabbage binder used cholesterol and used estrogens until carrying them down the toilet.

Cabbage should be cooked gently and delicately and added lots of flavor. Cut cabbage perfectly fine, marine the finely sliced ​​cabbage in a delicious dressing with olive oil, honey and lemon and season with herbs and spices and let it soak. Combine that with apple pieces and chopped walnuts or almonds. Brussels sprouts should be finely chopped with apples and turned in a delicious dressing with olive oil, honey and lemon  and almonds. It tastes great.

For a very delicious creamy salad blender raw cauliflower and pour in a delicious dressing with Acido, mustard, honey and herbs and combine it with red onion, tomatoes, peas, etc.,. Chop the Cabbage finely and turn in the pan with garlic, chilli, grated carrot and finally a little Acido. Add parsley and combine it with pieces of bell pepper in different colors, walnuts and a delicious olive oil dressing. Steam broccoli into florets, mix with apple pieces and make a dressing of blended, cooked celery mixed with honey mustard. There are plenty of other options, I would just say;  it’s super healthy and tastes good.

Bon Appetit!