Healthy baking is possible with low calorie, high protein and fiber ingredients


Have you  noticed lots of  recipes for health-optimized cakes, pancakes etc. gone viral recently. These recipes all contain products like sukrin, almond flour, coconut flour, fiber husk etc. These recipes are all consisting of so called healthy baking and have better nutritional ingredients. They contain more dietary fiber, more protein and generally less calories.

The idea is to fill the bakery with nutrient-rich ingredients that contribute to more satiety and nutrients useful for human bodies without compromising on the good taste. Therefore, anyone who wants a healthier life without calories can benefit from these healthier recipes.
Most often, the popular recipes contain wheat flour, butter and sugar. If you need to make your own healthy recipes, keep in mind that there is a replacement for those high calorie ingredients.

For example, a recipe for Brownie can be turned out to look like this:

Plain recipeHealthier recipe
250 g butter
150 g dark chocolate
4 eggs
250 g sugar
150 g wheat flour
3 tbsp. cocoa
200 g chopped walnut kernels
1 tsp. vanilla powder
2 ripe bananas / 2 cooked sweet potatoes
150 g dark chocolate
2 eggs
5 dates
50 g coconut flour
3 tbsp. cocoa
200 g chopped walnut kernels
1 tsp. vanilla Powder

The ingredients full of calories are replaced with ingredients that contain more fibers and less calories.

If you are novice baker with the healthier ingredients, then I recommend that you start out with small portions at a time. It can be difficult to control recipes with larger amounts.

Compensation for sugar, flour and butter in healthier baking can be:

Compensation for sugar:

Sugar is included in the vast majority of recipes in both bread and cakes. Sugar can be replaced in healthier baking, with eg Sukrin, sukrin gold etc. However, please note that all sweeteners are not the same, so read the features of the product on the package.

Compensation for regular flour:

Here it can be difficult to find a melt type that can replace 1:1. In almost all recipes, you can replace some of the wheat flour with a coarser melt type that has several nutritional benefits without being tasted, labeled or seen on the bread. If you’re in a hurry, just try it out.
Many people use almond flour or coconut flour in the healthier recipes.
Common characteristic of them is that they are all gluten free. Gluten allows the yeast bread to rise and act as a binder. You can add fiber hake to the recipes when using almond flour or coconut flour.

Compensation for butter:

Many cake recipes contain butter. Butter is equal to large amounts of saturated fat, and it is  kind of fat we should preferably avoid. Therefore, it is useful to look at how to change the recipe so that the saturated fat content is reduced.
Butter helps to provide a more round shape. Butter can be replaced with either avocado, apple sauce, banana, boiled sweet potatoes or beetroot. You can also add shells or Greek yoghurt to the recipes. All these ingredients have lower fat and a higher protein when compared to the  butter.

You can find many healthy recipes on healthier baking here on the blog.