Fennel Benefits


It would worth for sure to learn about fennel benefits for health


Fennel is often not the first choice to do the shopping for dinner. It’s a shame because fennel is healthy and tastes good both raw, baked in the oven or scorched on the forehead.

Fennel is a vegetable that tastes a bit like licorice. It has a anise-like aroma, and it is therefore suitable fantastically well with salads, fish and poultry.

You can use fennel raw or finely grated into paper-thin slices of lettuce. You can cut it into small pieces and bake it with tomatoes, goat feta cheese and olives in the oven or you can fry it in olive oil in the pan with dill and serve it with a steamed fish, baked tomatoes or fresh potatoes. It tastes heavenly. A fennel soup with a little white wine is also terrific as a light starter.

It should be cleaned by rinsing thoroughly, short stems and then green stalks should be cut off. It can easily be used for soup or as a garnish. You can use a mandolin iron if you want to use the fennel raw, otherwise you cut it just in slices or smaller pieces. You can easily freeze fennel down if you have a lot in the garden. So you blanch it just for a few minutes, possibly with a little lemon juice when you need it.

Not only tasting great , Fennel nis also healthy, rich in fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Fennel contains particularly vitamins A and C, folic acid, iron and zinc.

Therefore, you can safely opt-in the afore neglected vegetable; fennel.

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