6 Reasons Why You Have Sore Breasts


We’ve all tried it: Something or someone is going to hit your breasts, you cringe in pain while you see stars before your eyes and hope it is not because you are pregnant. However, there are several quite harmless causes for sore breasts – here are six of them. 

Sore breasts reasons

1. You have PMS or ovulation

Throughout your menstrual cycle , your body undergoes various hormonal changes and it unfortunately affects your breasts. They can get tense and extra sensitive (and here we mean unfortunately not sensitive in the naughty way). 

It is also quite common for you to get sore breasts when you are ovulating.

2. Your bra is too small

If your breasts bulge out of the bra cup, your bra is too small. If you experience the dreaded four-parting of the bosom that comes from an overly narrow bowl, you can have your breasts measured by a professional in a lingerie store. 

Even though it costs money, it pays to invest in new, good and well-fitting bras – it looks nicer and both your neck, your back and your breasts will thank you for it.

3.Your sports bra does not provide enough support

You have given that performance for training and your breasts have jumped well and thoroughly up and down. When you train, the ladies need extra support to cope with the movements and the pressure you put on your breasts. If your breasts jump noticeably or even protrude from the sports bra, it is time to replace it, because it can be the culprit when it comes to sore breasts.

4. Your breasts have received a lot of attention

It was a nice evening! Your boyfriend really showed his love for this (his favorite) erogenous zone , and during a hot round of sex, they were kneaded well and thoroughly.

The next morning, however, is hardly as good if the night’s fierce declarations of love have resulted in a bosom that is more yellow and blue than skin-colored. Your breasts are SO tender! If it gets too much, just ask him to hold back a little next time. 

5. Your contraception methods comes into play

Contraceptives that contain hormones, such as birth control pills, can cause tension in the breasts. If it is very bothersome, talk to your doctor about it. Maybe together you can find a contraceptive alternative that does not result in sore breasts.

6. You are pregnant

So we do not get around pregnancy when the subject is sore breasts. A fertilized egg in the womb will extremely rarely be the reason for sensitive benefits, but it IS a possibility. 

If the tense and sore breasts are combined with missed periods, fatigue and nausea, you may be pregnant. Buy a pregnancy test, or go to the doctor and get an answer.