5 2 Diet


5 2 Diet; how to get started?

5 2 diet has long been a popular diet plan. On the one hand, it has a number of health benefits, in addition to weight loss, and on the other, it is relatively easy to comply with. Read how to get started 5 2 diet here easily.

It is not without reason that the 5: 2 cure has become so popular. It is a diet that does not require you to have a strong will against hunger.

Who Found 5 2 Diet?

The founder of the 5 2 diet was the English Doctor Michael Mosley, who is also a science journalist and has made a number of broadcasts on health.

In one of them he examined the health benefits of fasting and it gave him the idea of ​​5 2 diet, which has since taken the world by storm, and got his book firmly placed on the bestseller list in the UK.

It was revealed by his studies that our body is not built to consume and digest food constantly, as we do in the modern world. It needs a break every now and then where it can focus on breaking down old and broken cells in order to provide a foundation for new and fresh cells. 

Those who adhere to the 5 2 diet often lose half pound a week without feeling like they are constantly living on a diet.

Why should you try the 5 2 diet?

Besides losing weight, the 5 2 diet also has other benefits:

  • It is easy to incorporate into everyday life.
  • It is relatively easy to comply with.
  • The fasting periods help protect the body from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.
  • You do not feel deprived of experiences and delights, as with most other diets.
  • You can go on your social life without ending up with a bad conscience.

Here’s how the 5 2 diet works

The 5 2 diet is that; you eat a normal diet for 5 days and fast moderately for 2 days, after which you can go back to eating for 5 days.

On days when you fast, you may max. consuming 500 – 600 calories a day, which means that most people achieve a relatively quick weight loss.

If you are a woman, you must get max. 500 calories.

If you are a man you must get max. 600 calories.

But you should be aware that eating normally for 5 days does not mean that you can just live off cake, sweets and fast food.

Eating normally means eating a regular healthy diet for the remaining days, but having room for you to get out, attend social events and other things that are part of a normal life.

So you can choose to fast on Monday and Tuesday and then usually live the rest of the week.

On the days you fast, you decide when you want to consume your 500 or 600 calories.

For some, it is best suited in the morning, and for others, lunch or dinner is the most important meal of the day. See our guide to healthy breakfast here.

5 2 Diet Challenge

This 5 2 diet is also a bit of a challenge because of our traditional eating habits like; you have to eat at least three times a day morning, noon and evening.

Thoughts come easily to mind about food, and it doesn’t get any easier if you have to cook for your kids or sit down to the table with the rest of the family.

If you feel like forced by your hunger then you may resort to drinking some extra water until the feeling of hunger is over. 

You might be able to take advantage of those times to go for a walk while your family or colleagues eat or you can get some extra work done.

Hunger is not dangerous, even if the stomach may growl a little, and the health benefits that the 5 2 diet provides are probably worth sacrificing a meal or two.