Homemade Pore Strips Mask!


Have you tried the Pore Strips Mask or pore cleansing strips? You know, the ones that are almost $15 for a few strips. They work very well but the way they are cut only allows you to place them in a few select places. Here is a tried and tested recipe to make your own homemade pore cleansing mask. Some of the benefits of homemade beauty products are you know exactly what you are spreading on your face and it is almost always incredibly cheaper to make your own. This facial mask only takes two items you probably already have on hand. You need gelatin and milk. That’s it. Personally I like Knox gelatin, which you can find 8 ounces for less than $3 at your grocery store, but any unflavored gelatin will work. Any brand or fat content milk will work.

Place a tablespoon of gelatin in a plastic or disposable cup. Add 1 to 1 and a half tablespoons of milk. You will have to estimate this part. It should have a thick, paste-like consistency. If you think it looks to thick, add a little more milk, but I wouldn’t mix in more than 2 tablespoons total. Once you find a thickness that works for you microwave the paste for 15 seconds. Cooking it in the microwave will make it creamy and easier to spread. From this point on you need to work very quickly as the paste will turn to gelatin fast. Stir the mixture and apply it to your face quickly. You need to apply this to a clean, dry face. Since you have to move fast after it’s all mixed, I recommend washing your face before you start. Once you have the mixture spread anywhere on your face you like, or all over your face if you like, you need to let it sit for about fifteen minutes. You will know when it’s done because it feels like your skin will crack if you smile. Gently peel off the mask. I like to wipe rubbing alcohol on my face when I am done with this mask to help shrink pores. You skin will feel smooth and super soft!