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100 Crazy Things to Do Before You Die

I want to introduce you today 100 things you should do before you die. You may also place your personal crazy bucket list via contribute button or comments section

100 Crazy Things to Do Before You Die

Never forget that life is the most precious thing we have been given. We do not know how long we have to live. It may already be too late tomorrow. Who enjoys life is who has no fear of death. The best time is always now! Not tomorrow, not tomorrow and not even in a week or a year. The moment, this moment is the only thing we have. If you have really understood that once, then your life is more colorful and enjoying.

Curtain up for the Crazy Bucket list :

100 Crazy Things to Do Before You Die

    1. Visit a grave to see the how close you are to the end.


  1. Drive a Lamborghini.
  2. Hot air ballooning.
  3. Go quad biking in Dubai.
  4. Waterskiing.
  5. Attend bullfight in Spain.
  6. Roller coaster ride.
  7. Drive faster than 270 km / h.
  8. Safari tour through Africa.
  9. Marathon run.
  10. Swimming with dolphins in the sea.
  11. Bungee jumping.
  12. Parachuting.
  13. Learn to surf.
  14. Heliskiing.
  15. Wakeboarding.
  16. Wingsuit, cave flight.
  17. Ride a camel in the desert.
  18. Standing on the summit of Mount Everest.
  19. Snowboarding.
  20. Dive in the most beautiful parts of the ocean.
  21. White-water rafting.
  22. Dog sledding in Canada.
  23. Fly a plane.
  24. Cage diving with great white sharks.
  25. Jump off a cliff into the ocean.
  26. Take part in a brawl.
  27. One week camping in the mountains.
  28. Learn to windsurf.
  29. A trip around the world (Actually all continents!).
  30. Visit these Attractions: Golden Gate Bridge, the Coliseum in Rome, Statue of Liberty, The Cheops pyramids, Stonehenge, Grand Canyon, Iguazu Falls, Milford Sound, Cliffs of Moher, Great Wall, Angel Falls, Ayers Rock, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower.
  31. See these animals in the wild: tiger, eagle, gorilla, elephant, lion, crocodile, rhino, grizzly bear, panda, leopard.
  32. Watch Northern Lights.
  33. Lay a striptease.
  34. Say I love you from the bottom of your heart.
  35. Sleep with your partner under the stars.
  36. Go to pool with the partners at midnight and swim nude.
  37. Visit the Hot Lap Dance in New York and Le Crazy Horse in Paris.
  38. Go outdoor with your partner (at different locations).
  39. Be the best father / The Best Mother.
  40. Lying on the beach with 2 cocktails, watching the sunset.
  41. 2 days party (without any drugs!).
  42. Dancing under  the rain on the road.
  43. Pretend to be a star at a party.
  44. Visit the 10 best clubs in the world.
  45. Meet a foreigner.
  46. Get a tattoo.
  47. Drink so strong that you can remember nothing next day.
  48. Sing your favorite song in the train.
  49. 1 month to survive on an island alone. With plenty of rum.
  50. See the 10 best movies of all time.
  51. Try exotic cuisine: Octopus, eat live insects, etc.
  52. 2 days fasting.
  53. Deep-sea fishing.
  54. Go celebrate alone in a club and meet new friends.
  55. Visit Rio Carnival.
  56. Cut down a tree with an ax.
  57. Watch a game of your favorite team live.
  58. Swim in the red sea.
  59. Participate in a flash mob.
  60. Lead a person to laugh so much that he has to howl.
  61. Own film shoot .
  62. Build an igloo.
  63. Visit Great Wall in China
  64. Random buy ticket at the airport and travel.
  65. Sing in a karaoke bar.
  66. Spend a night in jail.
  67. Put in a taxi and tell the taxi driver: “Follow that car!”.
  68. Go through the night and watch the sunset.
  69. Visit a Zen temple in Japan.
  70. Walk on the Camino de Santiago.
  71. Sitting on a surf, listening to the waves and think about nothing, enjoying the moment.
  72. Find out something interesting about ancestors.
  73. Write a book.
  74. Give a talk to 1,000 people.
  75. Learn another language.
  76. Plant a tree.
  77. Meditation.
  78. Change 5 habits of yourself.
  79. Find your  mission / passion in life.
  80. Start a bottle on the ocean.
  81. Forgive someone.
  82. Find fulfillment.
  83. Leave the job because it is not fun.
  84. Be yourself.
  85. € 5,000 gamble in the casino with friends.
  86. € 5,000 in casino to win back.
  87. Have enough money to do all the things on this list.
  88. Buy a house on the beach.
  89. Live in the place you love.
  90. Play blackjack.
  91. Put € 200 on black in roulette.
  92. Save the life of a man.
  93. Invite a poor person to a warm meal.
  94. Build a well in Africa.
  95. Build a school in a developing country.
  96. Combat racism through a separate project / club.
  97. Talk as an expert on a certain topic on television.
  98. Help one man to change his life.
  99. Help an old granny on the road

These are  the 100 craziest things to do before you die. Do not forget, we only develop when we leave our comfort zone!  Such a bucket list is so wonderful to commit for something to come out of your comfortable zone.

I would be very happy if you would distribute this product on any social media platforms so that other people finally start to live their dreams and enjoy life.

Write  a comment with  your bucket list, with all the crazy things that you want like to do! Or let us know if about some of these events if you have already completed them. There has never been a better time to start working on your bucket list.


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