100 Crazy Things to Do Before You Die

I want to introduce you today 100 things you should do before you die. You may also place your personal crazy bucket list via contribute button or comments section Never forget that life is the most precious thing we have been given. We do not know how long we have to live. It may already be too… Read More

Juice Diet Tips

Learn How to Make Unique Recipe Alright, so some of these juice diet recipes you may not like. That’s cool – not everyone likes everything. I made sure I provided as many different types of juices because some people love one while others may not. Follow these juicing tips to get the most out of… Read More

Drug induced nutrient depletion

Nutrient Depletion From Pharmaceuticals Nutrient depletion from prescription drugs is a very common occurrence linked to over half the popular medications on the market today. For the most part, physicians are not aware of this side effect nor does the FDA, with its many safety warnings cover the loss of nutrients. The mechanism varies by… Read More

Empty Calories

Empty calories are those found in high-calorie-foods that are poor in nutritional value. Although these foods provide energy to the body, they contain little or no nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that are necessary to keep the body strong and healthy. Empty calories are generally divided into 3 categories; Sugar Solid… Read More

Sugar Determines the Blood Types

Blood typing is another area where the sugars are vital. The only difference between blood types is the presence or absence of one of the sugar molecules. Type "O" is changed to Type "A" by the addition of one molecule of N-acetylgalactosamine; and is changed to Type "B" by adding one galactose molecule. (See diagram… Read More

Why we need Sugars?

First is that the 100 billion neurons in our body require an insulating cover on those nerve's axons. That insulation, called a myelin sheath, is composed of 80% fat and 20% protein. The 80% fat is a glycolipid and galactocerebroside. Those are complex molecules of fat and sugars, joined to produce the myelin that wraps… Read More


Natural Antioxidants Natural Antioxidants should be the first line of defense in our battle with oxidative stress. "Natural" means that the particular substance occurs naturally in nature. However, the form in which it is consumed can range from eating the raw fruit or vegetables that created it or taking an extract of the host plant… Read More

What is glycobiology?

Who would ever imagine that sugar would become the next frontier in biological science? In fact, this area of study has grown so fast that it has been bestowed with the official title, "Glycobiology". "Glyco" means sugar and, of course, "biology" is the study of life. So this relatively new science deals with the study… Read More


What are the health benefits of phytosterols? Phytosterols are natural plant derived nutrients that the body uses to produce the hormones it needs. They are another of the "must supplement" nutrients since, according to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University and other notable health researchers, the Western diet is low in phytosterols compared… Read More


Since "phyto" means "plant "Phytonutrients" must be nutrients from plants. A Phytonutrient can be an essential nutrient and encompasses a huge class of compounds with numerous subclasses. After all, the name itself just means a nutrient that comes from a plant. That covers a lot ground and they are widely distributed throughout the plant kingdom… Read More

Essential Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids (EFAs), alias, "Unsaturated Fats", come in two "flavors"; the two essential fatty acids are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Facts about monounsaturated fatty acids Monounsaturated fatty acids have a positive effect on good HDL cholesterol. Monounsaturated fatty acids are found in nuts, almonds, avocados, seeds and grains and oils - especially in olive oil… Read More

What is Cholesterol? HDL vs LDL

Cholesterol Definition Cholesterol is a fatty substance that's found in animal-based foods such as meats, poultry, egg yolks, and whole milk, same sources as the saturated fats. What's cool here is that if we follow the advice about reducing saturated fats, we are automatically reducing cholesterol intake. So by switching to low-fat milk and dairy… Read More

Genetically Modified Food (GM food)

Genetically Modified Food; GM food is more commonplace in our food chain than we realize. There are a lot of people, scientists and farmers running around in confusion. In fact genetic engineering is becoming the norm in the world of animal factory farming and big industrial crop production. If it is a good thing, then… Read More